Dexcom G7 sensor apps

Hi, I’m getting ready to switch to the G7 sensor from the G6 with the Tandem Slim pump. I heard that you can either use the Tconnect app alone or can use the G7 app on iPhone along with the Tconnect. Is there an advantage to using both apps or is just the Tconnect enough to get data. Thanks again for guidance.

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Diane @DFBB, if you are planning to use the CIQ algorithm, you must pair your PUMP with the G7, not the t:connect mobile app which mimics the t-Slim. The t:Connect will then, if logged on to your Tandem account cintinue to mimic your pump, and provide bolus options if properly configured and upload all your pump data to the Tandem cloud. Once the pump is paired as Receiver, you will no longer be able to use the Dexcom Receiver.

You can also connect one smartphone to the G7 as a secondary receiver.

Confused as the above may sound, I found the whole process very intuitive and simple to use.

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HI @DFBB If you use the G7 app on the phone, you also get the Dexcom Clarity reports, which offer more (I think) than the Tandem software blood sugar control charts. Clarity is a good source for blood sugar analysis; trends, variability, etc… It is not difficult (as @Dennis points out) to connect the sensor with multiple devices.

@DFBB You will also need/want use the G7 App if you plan to have anyone “Follow” you. And if you want to have your BGs displayed on Sugar Pixel devices. And the T-Connect App will allow you to bolus directly from your phone.

Thank you for the info.

Great, I’m going to start using the Clarity app more, thank you.

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A Clarity tip is to use the website on a desktop or laptop instead of the phone app for deep dives. Same reports with better presentation.