Dexcom apps

I just moved up from Dexcom G6 to G7. I deleted the G6 app on my phone and installed the G7. I also still have the Clarity app on my phone.
I noticed the G7 app also has Clarity info.
My question is- Can I delete the clarity app and use only the G7 app.

Ed @edmundo, Clarity is separate from both the G6 and G7 phone apps and from the G5, G6, and G7 Receivers but it does gather information from all five sources as long as they use the identical log-on name and password. At least my Clarity has data from those five sources.

If you want only G7 data, create a new Clarity account.

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Hi @edmundo I’m only going to add to @Dennis answer: the g7 app will work without clarity, but that little “clarity” summary is all you are going to get. If you like the reports that Clarity spits out, then keep the Clarity app as well. You can’t get the detailed reports without the separate Clarity app.


Time clarity app is separate and allows for your healthcare provider to see your numbers and reports if you and they set it up that way.

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