In case you missed it

I have a Freestyle Libre reader I keep as a backup but have not used it is some time, so I don’t recall seeing any notifications about this. In case you missed it too, please read this safety article.

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Thanks, Dorie! @wadawabbit I hadn’t seen that article. I’m glad it is for the reader and not the sensor! Maybe this issue is the reason why Abbott doesn’t offer a reader for the Libre 3.

I’m so glad you posted about this because I use the freestyle 2, and they didn’t contact me by email to let me know anything about this. I just called them about not being able to charge my reader. Looking up info on the reader, I found there is a two year warranty on them, and can receive a new one after 2 years. It also said 3 years is about the life of a reader. I’m well beyond that with this reader that won’t charge.

Me too! I’m glad the worst that happened was that it stopped taking readings. We’re so used to hearing safety recalls or at least alerts about these kind of issues, I can’t understand why people didn’t get some sort of notification. Not to mention a message letting you know your warranty is nearing its end. :flushed::scream: