Looking for T1D Teens

Hi there welcome to the club! I hope everything is going well for you right now and thanks for offering to help answer any question. Always a pleasure meeting teens with t1d like myself!

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Oof that must have been a nasty vacation surprise! Nice to meet you! Btw, how do you pronounce your name?

Ah i haven’t been able to log onto here in ages! Yeah, im not super self conscious about my medical devices because people are going find out one way or another since they are always alarming me for a high or low and beeping haha. I currently have the t slim and dex. I just switched to the t slim from omnipod around 2 months ago and im loving it!

That gives me flashbacks to my diagnosis! I was on vacation in costa rica and started not feeling well, so we flew back to the US and the very next day I got diagnosed and started getting treated.

Oh yes the tslim beeps so much! Especially control iq- it’s ridiculous, like x3 the alerts needed. The amount of alerts nearly made me want to go back to mdi. I figured out how to turn almost everything to vibrate and it helps soooo much!
To do this on the tslim push settings>arrow down>device settings>sound volume. There’s a menu with all sorts of options. I have everything but pump alerts and bolus set to vibrate, and pump alerts and bolus set to low. Def play around with it to see what you like. If you don’t often carry your phone (connected to dex) with you, then you should probably leave the CGM alerts option to audible as well. I carry my phone with me pretty much everywhere because of the dexcom share app so I have my CGM alerts set to vibrate.
In the dexcom app you can also play around with the alerts and make alert schedules. For the dexcom g6 app go to settings, then scroll down to alert schedule, and turn the toggle on. Then you can set different volume settings/number that it alerts/etc between different house. For example, I have an alert schedule made to my school hours so that during school my phone is set to vibrate with the nonegotiable severe low alarm always set to audible. But you could also make a schedule for night or something else.

I don’t usually tell people that I have T1D- they figure it out pretty quickly because of all the beeping/devices/Cookie Monster moods I have. Then they’re surprised because I “don’t look….” :roll_eyes:

Oh boy, that reminds me… I remember I was diagnosed right after my 15th birthday (1 month after), and guess what I did for my Birthday that year? First was a half pound Reese’s Cup, followed by half an ice cream cake, instead of normal crust it had Oreo cookie crust, and two types of ice cream, topped off with whipped cream. Needless to say, I did not have a fun month until I got diagnosed haha

ahhh yesss the classic “You don’t look diabetic” ! I go to a really small school so I don’t have many friends , and i’ve never told anyone i have t1d so i’m kind of curious to know what they think I have lol. It’s pretty obvious that I have some type of health problem since theres tubes on my stomach, but a lot of them don’t know what t1d is and i think they think i’m really sick or something

omg, thats a lot of carbs!!! When I think back to the month before I was diagnosed, I was drinking glasses of apple juice every day and I can’t even imagine how high my blood sugars must have been after

You would be super sick if you didn’t have “tons” of tubes in your stomach!
My family is moving this summer and my new school is also tiny- less than 40 kids in my grade. I’m wondering how T1D is going to go there. Don’t necessarily want to be known as the diabetic girl but not sure if I can avoid it for long!

Oh yikes! That sounds terrible! I know a T1D who was diagnosed because her doctor dad noticed her symptoms and suspected T1D. He had her eat a huge milkshake and when she started showing all the symptoms of high BG that evening he took her to the hospital. She was caught super early and her BG was just high enough to be diagnosed as T1D.

Hi! My name is Maggie and I’m a 21 year old T1 and I was diagnosed when I was 2… I need some people around my age to connect with too

Hi Maggie! Nice to “meet” you! Most of us on this thread are a little younger than you but you’re more than welcome to join in on the conversation!
Congrats on almost 20 years with T1D :muscle:

guys im back i didnt have a laptop

Hi Lexi! Nice to “see” you again! How have you been?

im good,how are you?

I’m doing well! School has started for me so I’m getting back into the rhythm of school life. Sometimes I want to study and my BG is like “a straight line is too boring! Let’s make life more exciting!” :roll_eyes:

for real i just started school and it sucks im geting an omni pod soon tho so im happy

Yay! That’s exciting! Are you already using a CGM?

yeah i have to go down to a dex 6 now