Teenager is having a hard time

Hello, I am a mother of a 13 yr old that was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 9. I am trying to find other kids around her age that she could chat with that also have T1D

Hi @letrishasimone and welcome to the forum. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from teens soon. Has your son ever attended a diabetes camp? I went a few summers when I was a child and had a blast!
There is a list of some under this site’s resources tab - that list is from 2022 but you could still call and get dates for the coming season, and of course you could do a broader internet search.

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Not yet. The session I was going to put her in last year was canceled. Shes definitely going this year

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@letrishasimone Welcome Letrisha to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum.

I’ve found that one of the best places to meet other people affected by T1D is at events sponsored by large organizations such as JDRF and American Diabetes Association - such as Walks, Races, Bike events, Picnics, etc. The 24,00 members registered at this Forum is only a small part of JDRF; find diabetes people of all ages by using the Resources and Events tabs at the top of this page and select “JDRF Near You”. And now that your daughter is 13, she can also post on this Forum. The JDRF sub-Chapter Group I attend near me regularly sponsors get-together for both a teen group and for toddler/child age groups.

When looking under Events, see if there may be a TypeOneNation Summit that you and she my attend - I’ve met some wonderful people at these events.

Hi there! Welcome to the forum! My name is Lise and I’m 17. I have had T1D for 4 years, I was dxd just a few days after my 13th birthday.
There’s another thread on the forum called looking for t1 teens. There are some teenagers ages 13-20 who are occasionally active on there and you could reach out there to see if any one is willing to connect! Your daughter is not the only one.

Last year I went to a regional Friends for Life conference, organized by the organization children with diabetes. I made a few friends with t1d that I’m still in touch with today. It’s an awesome place to meet people of all ages who live with diabetes- from 2-70 or more years old. My mom was also able to connect with other parents who have kids with T1D, as well as adults with T1D which was something she enjoyed.
You could also ask your endocrinologist if your clinic does meet ups for kids with T1D. My clinic organizes an activity for teens with diabetes every few months and those can be really fun to go to.

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Hi Mom! I’m the father of a now 30 year old son living with diabetes since the age of 1.

We are a basketball family, My son Jake played and coached division 1 basketball. After 20 years of having camps and clinics here in the US and abroad, we are finally having our first basketball camp for Type 1 children. The link is www.campbru.com and our non-profit is Hoops International.org.

Also you can get our contact info from the websites and reach out if you have any questions concerning the camp or just general diabetes topics. We’re more than happy to share our growing knowledge of living what can sometimes be an unpredictable disease.



Hi, dear,
I’m Amy, same with you, a mother of a T1D diagnosed boy named David from Shanghai China. My son is same age as your dear daughter, same diagnosed year 2020. Recently he asked me a question, ‘if I regret to bear him’. So sad, he feels making some trouble for me, every night checking his glucose. In China, not so open to let others know he gets T1D, so he’s shy even playing basketball (his favorite sport) to wear T shirt if its sleeves are too short, which can expose his CGM scanner. I think he need a mental friend, whatever from where, a pen pal, postcard is a good way to connect. He has no enough time to surf internet because of study. If you want to make an international friend with him, can contact this address: 9th Floor, Block 1, #45 1st Road of Jiang Chang, Jing ’an District Shanghai, P.R. China, 200436, thanks!

I’m not a big sports fan but I found a couple of American pro basketball players who live with Type1 diabetes - your son might know their names. Chris Dudley is an adult now but your son might enjoy his story.
Gary Forbes (diatribe dot org) and
Chris Dudley (chrisdudley dot org

Hi Dorie,
Good morning, so glad to receive your reply. And so exciting to know those 2 great players. Will searching their stories to tell my son. And if he really like, maybe someday can go to America to see live show of NBA. :grinning:
Gary Forbes — Diabetes Resources (chrisdudley.org) Seems a lot of excellent athletes live with T1D. So many thanks for your info.
“the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp - the only residential basketball camp specifically for youth with T1D in the world.” This info may be very attractive for my son.