Therapist WITH Diabetes

Our daughter is newly diagnosed and struggling quite a bit with it (she is 11). She has expressed interest in meeting with a child therapist that actually has T1D. I know this is protected medical information but I also know that many people with T1D are more than happy to share this kind of information and be a resource. Any advice on how to go about finding her someone that actually has diabetes versus just specializes in it? She struggles to connect with people and is really having a tough time feeling like no one understands her. She is also going through a lot of other things so she needs to talk about more than just that, but I think it would help her to form a bond/connection to open up more. Any advice, or if anyone here knows of a provider that they can recommend that would be wonderful.

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Hi @hibiscusturtle . I hope you get some names - I have seen forum members who have an endo with Type1 SD you never know.
I was going to suggest a couple of things to help your daughter connect:

Check out the Resources tab for information about diabetes chapters in your area. They may have events and services (for lack of a better word at the moment) that your daughter - and you -would enjoy). And
Look into diabetes camps. It’s early but no harm in planning ahead. I went a few summers when I was a child and all the campers and I think at least some of the counselors had it too. Back then everyone was on shots but now I imagine the kids having fun comparing their pumps and CGMS.
All the best to you.

@hibiscusturtle Hello Meg, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum! As you may have noticed, this Forum embraces the globe, so it may help if you mention your area in the Topic line, by clicking the “pencil” and adding your location.

As Dorie @wadawabbit suggested, a wonderful way to meet people with T1D [PwD] in your area is both the “Resources” and “Events” tabs at the top of this page to locate a JDRF Chapter/Subchapter in your area and also events where PwD will be gathering. I also suggest that you might call the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston for a referral.

I’m not sure how to find a therapist who actually has diabetes, but the American Diabetes Association has an online mental health provider directory: Mental Health Professional Directory Listing | American Diabetes Association

On the slim chance you’re in MA, you should check out the Mass General Pediatric Diabetes Center. Their psychologist spoke at the Type One Nation Summit in Boston several years ago. Pediatric Diabetes Center


I have been fortunate to have CDEs who are TI. I have also received awesome information through Taking Control Of Your Diabetes conferences. They have a website. It’s spearheaded by two endos who are TI and many TI’s participate. It might be a good place for networking. They switched to virtual conferences during covid, but have plans to resume in those in-person.

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I just learned about The Diabetes Psychologist through T1DExchange

And Vertext Pharmaceuticals is sponsoring 200 free 3-month memberships, but it’s first come first served: The Diabetes Psychologist (this links to the membership sign up page, not the home-page)

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Hi Meg,
I am a licensed psychotherapist with T1D. You can contact me to talk more if you are still needing help finding someone for your daughter.

My endo told me (now I went to Vanderbilt in Nashville for diagnosis and treatment initially, so it may be very different for most other hospitals) that there is options in hospital for therapists and psychologists with T1 for T1, I was interested but seeing as my mental health is good, I didn’t see a reason, if your daughters endo could possibly know if they have one in hospital that’d go a long way I’m sure, best of luck on you and your daughters journey, it’s going to be rough for both of you but it does get easier, trust me

I don’t know of one. But it is a very good idea. I went to a nutritionist recently who is on the same pump as I am and just to sit with someone who truly knows what it is to live with diabetes, well I burst into tears. It was powerful.