Seeking a T1 diabetes support group

Hi, I am a 25-year-old T1 diabetic woman who was diagnosed at age 11. I have had many ups and downs and difficulty managing diabetes alongside my other responsibilities. I often feel that I want some type of diabetes-focused therapy in order to talk about my feelings regarding diabetes but it is hard to find that support system. All of the support groups I have found seem to be focused on either T2 diabetics OR on helping parents of young people with diabetes OR on how to carb-count etc, as opposed to groups that are exclusively designed to support T1 diabetics mentally and psychologically.

Would any of you be interested in having a virtual T1 diabetes support group with an emphasis on the psychological component of diabetes? And if so, would you care to share how long you have been a t1d below and whether you have found mental health resources/tips specific to diabetics that have helped you? Would people be interested in meeting once a month over Zoom?


Hi @chechi96 welcome to Type One Nation. I kind of use the forum to talk through any support issues and not rely on a regularly scheduled group meeting. There is a lot of experience here and so it works for me. I agree there doesn’t seem to be a lot of “in person” support, I found this forum,and others out of frustration of there being not a lot of choices. Funny short story: my therapist, it turns out, has type 1, so I get a little support from her as well. Good luck if you start a group.

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Hi Joe, thanks for your thoughtful response. It’s great that this forum exists and that you can relate to your therapist on that level.

I actually created a Facebook group a couple of years ago, called “T1D Network & Support.” You (and others!) are welcome to join of course, but this forum sounds a bit more developed and accessible to people who have found it through the JDRF website. I will be sharing this forum with that group in case they want to access it for additional support.

Thanks again!

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Hi Cecilla,

I’m 37 and was recently diagnosed about four months ago with T1D. I have days where my frustration and anger are through the roof because nothing makes sense. Then I have days where I feel like I’m walking on clouds and happy as can be because my BS levels are great. I’m finding I have two good days, three bad days on repeat. My coping has been to go for a long run/walk on the bad days or right after the bad days. Weight lifting also helps. My struggle is more not having the time to do those things, but I’ve found by saying no to many other things I get more time and feel less stressed.

If you aren’t exercising or taking long walks, I’d start there. I’m by no means the person to listen to or look up to as I am so newly diagnosed. But, I have some close friends who are type 1 who compete in marathons and cycling races and they told me food and exercise are the most powerful medicine. I think that applies to both diabetes and mental health. My trouble is getting the right dose of exercise.

I feel your pain and some days just want to isolate myself and not be bothered by anyone. No one in my family really understands what I’m going through… This disease sucks but I know I can live with it I just have to remind myself to approach it with a clean slate everyday.

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I’m totally game for a monthly zoom meeting. Let me know if you get one going! I’m a lot older than you but I remember what it was like to be 25 and wishing there was someone I could talk to about the emotional side of diabetes.Even if it’s just to vent to someone who gets it :wink:

I am 59, with Type 1 25+ years. I would be willing to meet once a month over Zoom. Probably should have done it years ago, but always brushed off offers by my endo to connect me. It is a very tough disease, largely invisible, so you need to actively seek out support (or constantly explain to non T1D people) if you want to get it.

Oh, and walking is my mental health strategy…sometimes running or the gym, but, really, walking, walking, walking almost never fails me

For some reason I missed this earlier, but would like to be on a monthly Zoom call to discuss/support other T1Ds. I was diagnosed at age 8 nearly 50 years ago. Please lmk if the Zoom meetings are happening, thanks !

Super idea. I am 52 and was diagnosed 2 months ago with type 1. Very frustrating. And I am clueless.

Hi @Lev316 . You are at the base of a steep learning curve. Hopefully you have an endo who specializes in Type1 and will encourage you as you ask questions.
I highly recommend you check out the book Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner. He has diabetes and works in the field so has a unique personal perspective that is particularly helpful. It will be a valuable resource to supplement your learning.

hi @Lev316 hey if you have questions we are all listening…

Hey there! I’m going through something similar but at a very young age. Just wanted to say, you’re not alone. We’re all fighting on your side. I promise you that no matter how lost or confusing T1D can get, I know you can do it!

If this is something that is happening I would love to get involved. It just occured to me recently that i have been living on an island with this and could really benefit from talking to some people that have dealt with the same issues. To answer questions in the original posting, I’m coming up on 25 years and my only tip is that a mental health professional should be a part of your care team.

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I would be interested :slight_smile:

Good evening! I’m Scotty, a T1D for over 20 years! Diagnosed at 6, I’ve certainly also had many ups and downs both mentally and physically thanks to our friend T1
I use a Dexcom G6 & Omnipod 5, and I can honestly say I’ll never miss pricing my fingers daily :laughing:
I’ve known a few T1’s in my life, but I’ve never really been friends with them or talked about our experiences - I’d love to connect, share and support other T1’s from time to time and build friendships where we have someone who understands that type one literally never takes a break.
I’d love to join a monthly zoom or inperson support group, tho finding them has been really challenging! Did you end up starting a group after posting this? If not I’d be really interested in getting one going :relieved: I feel like there are a lot of people who’d also benefit from it too!

All the best!
[If anyone knows of any in-person ones in Western or Central Pa, I’d love to hear about them!:sweat_smile:]

Hi Cecilia,
JDRF does offer various support groups using Zoom. I’d recommend trying the Northern California chapter. They also have a Zoom group with an endocrinologist.
I hope that helps.