Omnipod controller replacement

I just received an email that my Omnipod controller is being replaced. I had no idea! But I think some of my pod failures were from the controller communication issues. They never told me a new one was coming. Anyone else get this email?
Hopefully will solve some of the issues.
May 5, 2023

UPDATE: Insulet has begun sending out replacement Omnipod® 5

Controllers. You will receive an email notifying you of your shipment when your replacement is on its way.

Please note that older Omnipod 5

Controllers will be replaced first.

Your package will include a replacement Omnipod 5 Controller and a guide on Switching to a new Omnipod 5 device with information about adaptivity and transferring settings between devices.

I did not get an email but I did get a letter in the mail the other day. My replacement is supposed to arrive tomorrow.
UPDATE: Correction - the notice did comr in an email but that’s the first one I recall getting.

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Maybe the notice is about this: Medical Device Correction - November 2022 | Omnipod

Some users reported melting charging ports and Omnipod is replacing all the Omnipod 5 controllers to fix the issue.

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Thank you @spdif .I don’t remember seeing that (but then again there are lots of things that slip my mind🤪). Thankfully I haven’t had any issues, but should get my new controller today so I’ll switch it out. Now I know how I’ll be spending some of my afternoon!