Tandem 2 Slim or Ypsomed Pump?

I’ve been on pump therapy for a few years, using an Accu-Chek Spirit Combo and I’m now up for an upgrade. My diabetes nurse has offered me two main options: Tandem T Slim with control IQ technology or the Ypsomed pump.

I’m really not sure which one to pick, and I’m struggling to see the advantages of one over the other. Does anyone have any experience with either of these pumps or can offer any guidance?

Just for some context, I’m in the UK, so under the NHS and I also currently have a libre 2 sensor. My control isn’t great, and I can often completely forget to bolus for snacks/meals. Also not sure I’ll have any chance at getting Dexcom soon, so if you have experience at using these pumps without a proper CGM, that would be most helpful!

Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated :smile:

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@dorsetdaisy Welcome Daisy to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum!

I’ve been using the Tandem t-Slim with Control IQ since it became available and it has been simple and easy for me to use and has helped me stay in range more than 90 % of the time. I’ve been living with diabetes for seven decades and this system is the best I’ve used. One issue I see for you with Tandem CIQ is that Dexcom CGM is required so far, no other sensors will connect.

I didn’t know about Ypsomed until you posted and now from my very brief study I can see that given the two choices you were offered that this is the better one. The “closed loop” with Libre 3 sounds effective and from published information appears similar to the Tandem CIQ algorithm.

Another option for you, and available in the UK might be the MiniMed 780G pump with Guardian 4 CGM - both distributed by Medtronic and were tested and in use in EU and UK. It has just become available in the USA and I haven’t yet tried it. One feature of the 780G is that it supposedly will make automatic corrections, as often as every 5 minutes, to help if one forgets to enter carbs for snacks or meals. It is high on the list I’m making for replacement of my 5-year old Tandem.

Hope this helps!

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