T1D support in DFW area

Hi, I’ve had T1D for over 12 years , and I have never had any kind of community or peer support … I’m 25 years old, and I really need people in my life who also have T1D. I just moved to North Texas from Phoenix, and I feel so lonely. To top things off, switching doctors and leaving my family has super hard on my blood sugar … anyone in the area looking for friends ? Or even just advice and support over the internet is very much appreciated.

Side note : I just found out yesterday I’m pregnant … and T1D is making me really scared. So any support there would be appreciated … :slight_smile: thank you.

  • Fellow T1D Human, Hannah
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Hi @Hannah36910 welcome to Type One Nation. Moving is really hard and one of the top stressors. I’m hoping things settle down as you make a new life for yourself. You can also try finding a JDRF chapter if there is one nearby it is another way to network with T1, you click this link https://www.jdrf.org/chapter-finder/ and put your zip code in. Anyway I think online support is helpful too, because we’re all here to help each other.

@Hannah36910 Welcome Hannah to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum! As @Joe wrote, on-line support can be good too, and there are many here listening to you and lots of diabetes management skills shared.

But nothing is better than in-person sharing as we navigate through life, and our shared life with the intricacies of diabetes - I’ve lived with diabetes since the 1950s. After moving from the Boston area to the gulf shores of Florida I found a group of people with diabetes [PwD] who net regularly over coffee through a JDRF Chapter - I fisrt made contact at a TypeOneNation Summit, and then volunteered at a JDRF Walk.

You might reach out to DADA: DADA. It’s a very welcoming community.

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@sadhikar Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum!

Thanks for sharing this site information, I hope that Hannah @Hannah36910 gets to see this and considers.

Hi! I’m in the DFW and open to chatting if you wanted! I’m 28 years old and would love to met other T1Ds as I moved to the area a few years ago!