Medtronic 780 G sensors

Can someone help me? I can’t get a Medtronic rep on the phone right now. I need to confirm that i can use G3 sensors with the 780 G pump. I am about to run out of 670 G sensors, but have not completed my online training to start 780. I can’t just order a couple to tide me over. Anyone know!

Medtronic search results says G3 and G4 but the more searching I do the more confused I get. Sorry. I can’t imagine Medtronic does not know?

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Dee @HighHopes , the Medtronic Customer Service number: 800-633-8766


Thanks. I called them and was on hold for a very long time. I eventually had to hang up. I’ll try again later.

Do you have the contact info for your the rep assigned when you got your device? I think they are assigned by area so your doctor’s office should have it.
PS - since you haven’t completed your training I would think - fervently hope - they would send you some of the previous sensors to use until you are ready to switch. If you haven’t used them by the time you converrt it won’t hurt to have them to use along with your old pump as a backup.

I’ll check on that. Thanks!

Yes they work fine. You will just have to calibrate.

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@Larry, That’s a relief because I just checked my order status at Edgepark supplies they sent me G3 sensor for a 770! I don’t have a 770! And, I’m almost out of sensors! I have 670! I told her that plainly! I have nothing in my order history about a 770. So frustating.

Can’t get Medtronic on the phone. On hold for almost an hour several times.

Just got through to Medtronic and they confirmed i could use 770 with 670.

They are all interchangable. Like I said you will have to calibrate but even Smartguard with auto corrections works with the G3.

They use all these model numbers for show and marketing actually. I saw the approval submission for the reservoirs and the 3 day and the 7 day are exactly the same hardware for that even.

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I’m on the 780 system. Recently, I viewed a Medtronic webinar.
That question was asked. The facilitator said ‘yes you can’ but you don’t have the functionality of the 780 system. (Auto-bolusing). and I believe you must calibrate, which you don’t have to do on the G4 sensors. Hope that helps.

When I upgraded my 770 to 780 with software, i had a few guardian 3 sensors left and they worked fine. I just had to calibrate twice daily…

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@MikeW , did you have auto bolusing?

I think I did have autobolusing, but I am not sure. I only had 2 or 3 guardian 3’s left when I got the upgrade and guardian new guardian 4 sensors. That was back in July.

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Can anyone suggest a way to manage BG during exercise on 780? I just started it today and can’t go into. Smart Guard mode util this weekend. I need a way to avoid lows until then. On my 670, I used Temp Target in Auto mode.

Do a temporary lower basal rate.

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@8081UFan, Yes, I ended up lowering my temp basal, because of running too low in manual. I’m going to lower all my basal rates now, due to running so low. I kept getting suspend before low quite a bit. Apparently, my weight loss has reduced my insulin requirements. I hadn’t noticed much, simcevI stayed in Auto Mode on my former 670.

Dee @HighHopes , weight/body-mass is related to the amount of insulin needed to maintain glucose level - note that several of the pumps supporting automated/assisted insulin delivery require the user to enter body weight.
I don’t recall if the 670G requires a body-weight entry, but if it does you should change your setting as your weight drops.

@Dennis, I haven’t seen where my new 780g requires body weight to be entered and my CDE didn’t mention it, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. As I continue to lose weight, I expect my insulin needs to decrease though.

I had a big discrepancy between my CGM and meter this morning……man, that annoys me. It was 100 points difference. So….trying to get my BG down so I can calibrate. Not a happy camper. Until Saturday, I was 77% TIR since I started my new 780g on Wednesday, even though I had a lot of Suspend Before Lows. I’ll be glad when I get acclimated.

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It’s been a rather rough adjustment with my 780, but things have improved. I’m pleased with my TIR for last the last 24 hours. :blush:

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